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AI powered Image generator

Generative AI is behind  recently launched new product called Evryface. The product is an AI-powered solution.  It enables users to create professional photos, avatars, and headshots of themselves without ever leaving their homes. The platform allows users to upload their photos and receive studio-quality photos within minutes. It offers a range of customization options to suit their preferences.

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Interio AI, an AI-powered solution for professional interior design

In those Generative AI Case studies we look into the AI-powered interior design startup. It was looking to develop a interior design assistant that would use artificial intelligence to create personalized recommendations for users. However, they lacked the necessary expertise and resources to develop such a complex system on their own.

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AI Chatbot Fit-for-Job

In an increasingly competitive job market, making an impactful first impression is crucial. An essential component of this is a well-crafted cover letter, tailored to the job description. This was the challenge faced by a U.S.-based client looking for a way to make this process efficient and effective. Their goal was to create a strong Proof of Concept, for future product development and launch in SaaS model.

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