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UK companies are increasingly turning to Europe to outsource their generative AI projects due to several benefits. One of the key advantages is cost-efficiency. For instance, a UK company can hire an outsourced developer in Poland for a fraction of the price that they would have to pay if the work was done domestically. This arrangement offers financial savings and provides businesses with greater budget flexibility

Moreover, AI developers are typically less expensive in Poland than in the UK due to less competition, a focus on education in the region, and a larger pool of IT specialists. While there is a perception that outsourcing may lead to lower-quality work due to language barriers or cultural differences, this is not the case when you engage professionals who are fluent in English and familiar with the work culture of UK businesses.

Generative AI is poised to transform work across industries, foster innovation, and improve productivity. Accenture, a leading technology services company, provides a range of generative AI services that drive enterprise reinvention and optimise business functions for innovation and competitive advantage.

The State of the IT Market in the UK

The UK’s IT market is vibrant and dynamic, serving as a significant contributor to the country’s economy. With a robust presence of multinational tech corporations, innovative startups, and a thriving tech scene in major cities, the demand for AI and other advanced IT services is continuously increasing.

However, a persistent challenge for UK companies is the lack of domestic IT talent. As the demand for AI and other advanced IT skills grows, the shortage of IT professionals becomes more pronounced. This situation has led to increased interest in outsourcing these services to countries with a large pool of skilled IT workers, such as Poland.

Current Outsourcing Situation in the UK

Data from multiple studies show that a considerable number of UK companies are already outsourcing their IT and AI services. This trend is expected to continue, especially considering the ongoing global health situation that has forced companies to adopt more flexible and cost-effective operational models.

Outsourcing presents a strategic model for business flexibility, scalability, and resilience. It allows UK companies to reduce workload, access global capabilities, and support growth without the need for excessive scaling. Companies are outsourcing for three main reasons: the cost of labour, the need for scalability, and improved access to global talent.

Why Outsourcing Generative AI to Poland is an Excellent Solution for UK Companies

Poland offers an attractive option for outsourcing AI services. The country boasts a central location, innovation hubs, a large talent pool of IT specialists, ease of doing business, and strong cybersecurity measures 2.

Furthermore, Polish software developers possess excellent coding expertise. With similar work culture and efficient communication channels, UK companies find it easy to work with Polish service providers. The cost of outsourcing to Poland is affordable compared to domestic costs, providing a significant incentive for UK companies.

In summary, outsourcing generative AI services to Poland offers UK companies the opportunity to access a skilled workforce, reduce costs, and increase scalability while maintaining high-quality output.



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